“Hi, I’m Natalie, photographer at your service”


I’m a Sussex lass, based in Uckfield, half way between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. I believe in love, respect, good old fashioned service and having the freedom to be oneself.

I love: being an individual, the natural world, the arts, rock music, crime fiction, caffeinated beverages and long walks in the middle of nowhere with my camera.

As a photographer, I have a passion for portraiture and enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I find people fascinating, everyone has a story, and it is an honour for me to capture part of that story. I love taking photographs and making people smile!

I'm a naturally creative individual, whose love of photography has developed gradually over the years (before embarking on my journey as a photographer, I studied Art & Design at college and Graphic Design at University). It’s great to be able to pursue this aspect of my creativity and develop my skills, while offering my services to private individuals, other creatives, small business owners, the list is endless. I’m also available to take on freelance commissions and collaborations, and enjoy the freedom to explore ideas and create something a bit different.

I shoot on location, photographing subjects using natural light when possible, and I like to work quite organically, to avoid limiting the creative process and the opportunities for capturing a great shot; sometimes the best images happen spontaneously.

I also believe that the process of taking photographs should be an enjoyable collaboration between myself and my subject, where we work together to create some great photographs.

Whether you are looking for headshots and branding photography, a feel good portrait session, or have an idea for something our of the ordinary, contact me for more details - I’d love to take your photo!